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For help with general app usage, simply click the launch button above and follow the tool tips. For more information, check the output samples, implementation guide, data dictionary, and FAQ section below.

Looking for Pogo LT Desktop? It's still available here.

Pogo LT Example Output
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Implementation Guide
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Resumen de implementación
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. You own your data and Pogo LT does not monitor it. No outside parties gain access to the data that is analyzed with Pogo LT and nobody monitors the information processed by Pogo LT. Your report data is never sent to anyone else unless you choose to send it to them. 

  • No. Pogo LT only runs when you tell it to, and it always waits for you to log in.

  • You control the email account that is used with Varo and Pogo LT.

    Alternatively, someone in your organization may set up an account to process temperature reports, and in that case, you can choose to collaborate with them using the account credentials they specify.

  • When you enter email credentials in Pogo LT, the webapp is given permission to look for specific subject lines in Gmail that are generated by the Varo reporting app. These messages contain lines of code that allow Pogo LT to combine temperature information from multiple reports. When Pogo LT is finished processing these messages, it leaves your inbox alone without making any copies or reading any other information. The information can only be sent to the destination email address you choose, and nowhere else.

  • No. Pogo LT only operates during the single sessions you initiate, and only collects Varo messages in the date range you specify, and only sends the summary to the address you choose.

  • Pogo LT was developed with philanthropic funds to be a durable solution for anyone. We anticipate supporting Pogo LT for the foreseeable future to ensure there are no barriers to adoption.

  • You can still use the old version of Pogo LT by downloading and installing the Windows application. For the most up-to-date performance, we recommend launching the webapp using the button in the upper right of the menu bar above. If you prefer to use the desktop app, you can still download it at (

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If you have already read through these FAQs and resources above, but still haven’t found a way to solve your problem, you can reach out for support. Use the contact form below to describe your problem and ask the developers for help.



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