About Pogo LT

Pogo LT helps turn your data into action.

Pogo LT is an email retrieval and aggregation tool designed for 30-day temperature records. Pogo LT is a free web app that aggregates Varo reports into easy-to-read summaries. This allows you to see your cold chain equipment performance reports, keep tidy records, and share results easily.

Pogo LT simplifies cold chain maintenance.

If information is simple to review, it is simpler to use. Accurate information empowers people to guide the best decisions for health systems and communities. Pogo LT makes it easy to maintain information about cold chain equipment performance, which helps you make clear decisions about how to allocate resources. Relieve the constant stress of hardware upkeep with better information.

Pogo LT is completely free to use.

Pogo LT is completely free to launch and use with no signups required. Pogo LT was made with the goal of enhancing cold chain visibility and functionality worldwide. That goal should be met by any means necessary, and so this free tool was born. Since Pogo LT is free, it presents an easy solution for CCE administrators to to test the power of comparative performance data to improve cold chain performance at no extra capital cost. And it works across every brand and every model without requiring you to make paid commitments to a single vendor or CCE manufacturer.

Pogo LT is completely private.

You own your data and we don’t monitor it. Third parties do not gain access to the data that is analyzed with Pogo LT, and the software developers do not monitor the use of the app or the information it processes. Any temperature data contributing to summaries is never seen by anyone else unless you choose to send it to a third party directly. Pogo LT allows decentralized data aggregation and analysis while ensuring your data ownership is always maintained.

Pogo LT only asks for contact information.

The developers of Pogo LT are making continuous improvements to help meet your needs. Because of this, new users are asked to provide brief contact information so you can be made aware when new app features or tools are available.