Analyze cold chain performance automatically. Store and share results easily.

Pogo LT is a free web app that combines 30DTR reports to make easy-to-read summaries. With it, you’ll see secure and detailed records of each piece of your cold chain equipment on any device with internet connection and email access.

Launch Pogo LT

Pogo LT Generates:

  • An icon for a XLS spreadsheet document.

    An easy-to-read spreadsheet

  • An icon for a PDF document

    A PDF report

  • An icon for a data file.

    An optional raw data file

Line art illustration of a folder filled with Varo 30DTR reports being aggregated into a single report.

Pogo LT makes Varo-generated reports a breeze.

Individual refrigeration logs contain valuable information, but they can be hard to manage and view. Pogo LT processes hundreds of Varo-generated 30DTR reports to create a helpful overview of system performance, simplifying overall cold chain equipment management.

Line art illustration of 4 cold chain fridges displaying their alarm rate, one has an alarm rate of over 97 found by reading the Pogo LT report.

Makes your cold chain equipment visible to you.

Know exactly which machines are in need of repair or attention at a glance. With Pogo LT summaries, you can quickly see and compare alarm rates for each recorded refrigerator. If there’s a problem, you can get all the details right in the same spreadsheet.

Line art illustration of a computer monitor displaying the Pogo LT user experience to choose a date range for the reports to aggregate.

Keeps performance records on hand.

Pogo LT lets equipment administrators maintain detailed records of all the 30DTR reports received in a given date range. No more digging through stacks of paper logs - Pogo LT makes cold chain summaries you can easily reference and store locally or share with others.

Line art illustration of a lock protecting binary code to represent a Pogo LT user's protected data.

Pogo LT keeps you in control.

Nobody can monitor the information you process with Pogo LT. It's a tool that only runs when you tell it to, performing a fully secure summary process at your command. Whether you're using Pogo LT Webapp or Pogo LT Desktop, sharing is always your choice.

Illustration of a laptop, phone, and tablet pulling Pogo LT reports into their inboxes.

Nothing to install

Pogo LT combines Varo reports seamlessly from any web browser, using the power of email to transmit the results straight to your inbox. If you have an internet connection, you can use Pogo LT with no sign-ups or downloads. Use it anywhere - on a phone, on a tablet, or on a desktop computer.

To begin using Pogo LT, you'll need:

  • Fridge loggers and the Varo app to generate email reports.

  • A valid Gmail inbox that contains Varo reports to summarize.

    Not using Gmail? Read about our workaround on our support page.

  • A working internet connection on any device with a web browser.

Using Pogo LT

There’s nothing to install, just launch the Pogo LT web app . Then login with your Gmail credentials and allow Pogo LT to process your Varo reports

Enter the destination email address to receive the summary results. This can be any email address, such as your official work address.

Enter the date range for reports you’d like to summarize.

After you click ‘Generate Report,’ Pogo LT will create an easy-to-read summary and send it straight to the inbox of your choice

Pogo LT drastically simplifies cold chain equipment maintenance.

In the past, collection and comparison of 30DTR records was a serious challenge. Now, with Pogo LT as part of your toolkit, you can acquire and compile temperature data from start to finish for every device, and accomplish all of that for $0.

A line art style illustration of various cold-chain fridges used in the market and are compatible with 30DTR reports.